Lube USA Automatic Small Discharge Volume Gear Pump


Motor driven gear pump for continuous micro-volume lubrication used with a resistance type centralized lubrication equipment.

Models AMS-1, AMS-3
Pump Discharge Volume 1.25mℓ/min (50Hz) 1.5mℓ/min(60Hz)
Discharge Pressure 0.8MPa (safety valve setting)
Motor (other voltages available) Power AC100V∅1/50mA, AC200V∅1/25mA (50Hz)
AC100V∅1/42mA, AC200V∅1/18mA (60Hz) 
Output 3W Synclonous motor
Emergency Detection Oil Level Switch

Contact type A contact (NO) ON at low level
Contact capacity 0.5A, AC DC200V/30W smaller

Operation Rate Continuous
Working Viscosity Range 32~1300mm2/S
Reservoir Capacity 0.8ℓ, 3ℓ (plastic) 3ℓ, 4ℓ, 8ℓ (sheet metal)
Weight 1.8kg

Directions for use

  • Oil viscosity varies with oil temperature. Be sure to use oil within specified working viscosity range. Refer to the viscosity table.
  • Do not use any specal additive-contained oil, water soluble oil and solvent.
  • Periodically check the oil in the reservoir for impurities. Replace it, if necessary, with fresh oil immediately. Be sure to clean the reservoir before oil change.
  • Make sure that proper voltage is applied.
  • Do not overtighten the discharge joint. Refer to the tightening torque table.

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