Lube USA Series Progressive System Motorized Grease Pump

GMNH (High pressure type)

Motor-driven cartridge grease pump. Use with progressive metering blocks makes possible discharge volume adjustment according to pump operation time.

Pump Discharge Volume 10mℓ/min
Discharge Pressure 20MPa (safety valve set pressure)
Motor Power DC24V ∅ 1/0.65A AC100V ∅ 1/0.65A AC200V ∅ 1/0.65A
Output 15W DC brush motor 25W ignition motor
Working Viscosity Cartridge grease No. 000,00,0,1 (lithium grease)
Recommended Grease MP0, MP1, FS2
Cartridge size 400mℓ, 700mℓ
Weight 2.8kg (DC24V), 3.1kg (AC100V, 200V)

Directions for use

  • Use recommended greases.
  • Never use molybdenum disulfide-contained grease.
  • Use lithium greases. (Contact us for consultation when other than lithium grease is used.)
  • Do not use any greases containing substances that attack brass and rubber.

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