Lube USA Metal Reservoirs

2ℓ, 3ℓ, 4ℓ, 8ℓ

Applicable Pumps Model Part Number Useful Capacity Total Capacity
ACM-II, AM, ADM, AMI-300S, AMI-300, AMI-1000S, AMI-1000 (Refer to Catalog) (Refer to Catalog) 2.1ℓ 3.2ℓ
AMZ100S, AMO, AMR-III-150, MMXL-III, MMX-II, AMS, AMI-300S, AMI-300, AMI-1000S, AMI-1000, ACM-II, AM, ADM 2.1ℓ 3.2ℓ
4.2ℓ 6.3ℓ
0.8ℓ 1.0ℓ

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