Lube USA Dual-Function Motorized Pump


Can operate both PDI and PRO series progressive systems by switching built-in solenoid valve. EGME pumps have a built-in solenoid protection circuit which eliminate the 7.5 min maximum running time of other EGM pumps.

Pump Discharge Volume 10mℓ/min
Discharge Pressure 10MPa (safety valve set pressure)
Motor 20W/0.8A
Pressure Relief Solenoid 10W/0.4A
Total 30W/1.2A
Working Viscosity Cartridge Grease No. 000,00,0,1
Recommended Grease MP0, FS2, MT1
Cartridge size 200mℓ, 400mℓ, 700mℓ
Weight 1.8kg (4C), 2.8kg (7C)
Pressure Relief Built-in solenoid

Directions for use

  • Use recommended greases.
  • Never use molybdenum disulfide-contained grease.
  • Use lithium greases. (Contact us for consultation when other than lithium grease is used.)
  • Do not use any greases containing substances that attack brass and rubber.
  • Avoid continuous operation.

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