Lube USA LUBE Original Grease

MP (High performance Lithium All Purpose Grease)

Excellent shear stability heat resistance, oxidation stability, water resistance, rust preventive and load carrying capacity.

FS (High performance grease for heavy load carrying capacity)

Excellent heavy load carrying capacity, wear resistance, shear stability, heat resistance, oxidation stability, water resistance and rust preventive property.

LFL-H1 (High performance grease for food, medical and cosmetic machines)

LFL-H1 has acquired NSF H1 certification. It is a food grade grease suited for those machines which need to comply with the Food and Drug Administration's regulations. It has excellent pumpability and in order to improve safety and simplify its use, it is available in 400cc cartridges.

Model MP0-4, MP0-7
Color of Grease Brown
Capacity 400mℓ, 700mℓ
Model FS2-2, FS2-4, FS2-7
Color of Grease Green
Capacity 200mℓ, 400mℓ, 700mℓ
Model LFL-H1-4
Color of Grease Beige
Capacity 400mℓ

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