Bijur Delimon CXL2 Injectors & Manifolds

Premium Single Line Grease Systems

Bijur Delimon CXL2 Injectors & Manifolds (shown assembled)


Designed for use in single line high pressure automatic grease systems, CXL2 Injectors deliver precise volumes of lubricant at predetermined intervals. Injectors are mounted in manifolds in close proximity to the points of lubrication. A wide selection of discharge rates, combined with a corrosion resistant finish, make this product ideally suited for mobile, wind and a broad selection of general industrial applications.


Lubricant introduced under pressure at the inlet moves the injector piston forward. The piston displaces a pre charge of lubricant from the discharge chamber through the outlet check valve and through the feed line. When system pressure is relieved, the piston returns to its rest position, transferring lubricant stored in the measuring chamber to the discharge chamber. The injector is then ready for the next discharge cycle.

Bijur Delimon CXL2 Injectors & Manifolds


  • Precise, dependable operation, no special tools required
  • Visual indicator pin for inspection and troubleshooting
  • Positive displacement output
  • Easy to understand, install and service
  • Injectors mount in any orientation
  • Single supply line means lower installation cost
  • Corrosion resistant for harsh environments


Discharge/Cycle 0.05-0.40cc (0.003-0.024 cu. in.)
Lubricant Discharge Adjustment Discharge caps: 0.05cc – 0.40cc in 0.05cc increments available
Grease NLGI grade 000-2
Minimum Operating Pressure 1200 psi (82 bar)
Maximum Operating Pressure 3500 psi (248 bar)
Minimum Vent Recharge/Reset @ 600 psi (41 bar) or higher
Surface Protection Zinc Nickel, 1000-hour salt spray
Material Carbon steel with surface protection
Operating Temperature Range -13°F to 350°F (-25°C to 176°C)
Manifold Inlet Ports 1/4” NPT(F) or 1/4”BSPP(F)
Injector Outlet Tube Connection Option Female Thread Option
3/16” O.D. tube connection (standard) 1/8” NPT female connection
  1/8” BSPP female connection
Seals Viton®


WARNING: Whenever inserting the piston and spring assembly into the injector body, the exposed end of the piston must be carefully started in the main bore and pushed in completely. If the assembly is forced, the piston and/or bore will be amaged and not function correctly.

Bijur Delimon CXL2 Injector Proper Installation