Saddle Program

We have a turn-key program where we will turn around your saddle in 2 weeks!

Saddle Program Steps

  • Send pictures of saddle to
  • Customer to remove their saddle, gibs, and guide bars, and ship to Machine Tool Groups
  • Remove old bearing material, clean, and inspect
  • Prepare saddle for new Turcite® B
  • Apply new Turcite® B to saddle and all components
  • Trim excess Turcite® and clean oil passages
  • Email way drawing to customer to fill in way dimensions
  • Machine all components flat, parallel, perpendicular, and to size
  • Scrape saddle and components for bearing, geometric alignments, and oil pocketing
  • Test and verify lube at all points on saddle
  • Prepare saddle and components for shipment back to customer
  • Have customer arrange saddle return shipment

Saddle Program Notes

  • Price range is average $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the size of the saddle
  • Will return your Machine Geometries and allow you to get 5 to 10 more years of life from your machine
  • Will give firm quote from pictures
  • Will supply phone support with any questions for reassembly and setting of the gibs

Turcite® Saddle Repair Process Gallery