Waylock® Adhesive for Linear Bearing Material

Waylock® adhesive is a special formulation that was designed to use with our Turcite products. Much testing has gone into Waylock® to optimize the holding strength in an oil and coolant environment. For those who choose to use a different linear bearing material such as Rulon, Waylock® Adhesive will work ...


Wayprep® is an Environmentally Friendly Cleaner

Machine Tool Groups is dedicated to a better environment. The machine cleaner “Wayprep®” that we sell for our Slydrite application process is a completely environmentally friendly product. Yes, it can be used with any linear bearing material to pre-clean parts, but under the label is a great, all around industrial ...


Bijur Delimon

Machine Tool Specialty Components Group is happy to announce the addition of Bijur Delimon lube products to our support for our customers' machine lubrication needs.


Waylock Adhesive and Linear Bearing

Waylock adhesive works on other linear bearing materials such as Rulon 142 equally as well. We have seen cases where another adhesive was used but failed in short time due to machine oils or coolant effecting the adhesive. Waylock has been formulated for use on linear bearing materials and tested ...


Wayprep™ Is ECO-Friendly

Machine Tool Specialty Components Group continues our efforts to be an ECO-Friendly company, that is why we offer Wayprep™, a non V.O.C. aqueous cleaner and degreaser for our customers who want to apply linear bearing material on their own. Wayprep™ works as a first step to clean and wash down ...


Waylock® Adhesive

The epoxy adhesive Waylock is not a 3M product. Waylock adhesive is made by Trelleborg with a proprietary formula and tested to be used with linear bearing material. We sell it in two forms: Waylock II which is specifically formulated for bonding Turcite B® to metal surfaces and Waylock EZ ...


Commitment To Going Green

As a partner of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, we at Machine Tool Groups are also committed to going green. We continue to sell our biodegradable degreaser WayPrep®. We recycle and use recycled packaging and paper products where we can as much as possible in conjunction with conversion to LED lighting and ...


Waylock Applicator Guns

We sell 50 ml and 200 ml Waylock epoxy adhesive tube kits - we have been asked if other applicator guns and nozzles work with our tube kits. The answer is maybe. There are many different types of applicator guns available. The guns that we offer have been tested with ...


What Is Waylock?

We have been asked by some customers if the epoxy " Waylock " is a 3M product. The answer is no. Waylock is made with a proprietary formula and tested to be used with Linear bearing material. It has been tested extensively with Turcite B and will work with other ...


Waylock Adhesive Tube Kits Now More Affordable

Waylock Adhesive tube kits are now more affordable than ever! The price of a 50 ML applicator gun (now at $37.50 ea.) and a 200 ML applicator gun (now at $125.00) make small quantities of Waylock adhesive more affordable for those smaller jobs. Less waste! Less time needed for mixing!