Turcite® Slydway® Material

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Turcite® B

Turcite® B Slydway® increases accuracy, reduces damage caused by mechanical breakdowns and lubrication failures, extends the life of mechanical components, saves energy, and improves stick slip performance. Read more

Turcite® B comes in 12" and 24" wide rolls. Or we will custom cut to your specifications. There is no minimum order.

Figures below represent available thicknesses.

Turcite® B 12" Wide
Fraction Decimal Metric Part #
1/64" (0.016") (.406mm) SW015-12
1/32" (0.032") (.813mm) SW032-12
3/64" (0.047") (1.193mm) SW047-12
1/16" (0.063") (1.6mm) SW063-12
3/32" (0.094") (2.38mm) SW093-12
1/8" (0.125") (3.175mm) SW125-12
3/16" (0.187") (4.750mm) SW187-12
1/4" (0.250") (6.350mm) SW250-12       


Turcite® B 24" Wide
Fraction Decimal Metric Part #
1/64" (0.016") (.406mm) SW015-24
1/32" (0.032") (.813mm) SW032-24
3/64" (0.047") (1.193mm) SW047-24
1/16" (0.063") (1.6mm) SW063-24
3/32" (0.094") (2.38mm) SW093-24
1/8" (0.125") (3.175mm) SW125-24
3/16" (0.187") (4.750mm) SW187-24
 1/4" (0.250") (6.350mm) 1/4" only available in 12" wide

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