Bijur Delimon FL-11 Injector

Single Line, Parallel

Bijur Delimon FL-11 Injector


Higher injector outputs make these units well suited to satisfy lubrication needs of medium and large machines. In addition, higher output pressures of make injectors ideally suited for equipment operating in harsh environments. Single and manifold type for dispensing fluid lubricant and grease. Recommend NLGI #2 grade grease or lighter.


Minimum Operating Pressure 1000 psi (68 bar)
Maximum Operating Pressure 3500 psi (238 bar)
Minimum Adjustable Output .050 cu. in. (.819cc)
Maximum Adjustable Output .500 cu. in. (8.19cc)
Lubricant Outlet 1/4” NPT female
Maximum Vent (Recharge Pressure) 800 psi (55 bar)


Output Adjustment

The FL-11 injector’s output is adjusted with the hex screw on top. Minimum output of approximately .050 cu. in. is obtained when the adjusting screw is turned into the injector, hand tight. To obtain the maximum output of .500 cu. in., start at the minimum setting and turn the screw approximately 12 turns, out of the injector. Each turn of the screw is approximately .040 cu. in. output. When the injector is adjusted to a half turn open or less, output from the injector should be verified.

Disassembly Instructions

  1. Remove the adjustment adapter from the top of the injector. Remove the piston assembly, spring and spacer from inside the injector.
  2. Remove the inlet adapter from the bottom of the injector. To remove the slide valve assembly, turn injector over, with the top pointing down. If the slide valve does not fall out, it may be pushed out of the slide valve packings with a blunt object, being careful not to scratch or cut the packings in the slide valve body.
  3. Remove the valve body:
    • If it sticks in the inlet adapter, gently pry the valve body out of the inlet adapter using a small rod. Place the rod into a hole in the side of the valve body and pry against the face of the inlet adapter. Work one hole at a time, working around the valve body until it is freed.
    • If the valve body sticks in the injector body, use a brass or wooden dowel to gently tap the valve body out of the injector body.
  4. To remove the indicator stem packing from the adjustment adapter, remove the adjustment screw from the adjustment adapter. Use a wooden dowel, placed into the adjustment screw hole to tap the washer and packing out of the adjustment adapter, from the bottom side.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Clean all the components and carefully inspect parts for wear, replacing as necessary.
  2. Start assembly by installing two packings into the valve body, followed by the spacers. Install the O-rings and back-up rings into the grooves on the outside of the valve body. Apply grease to O-rings on outside of the valve body and slide the valve body into the inlet adapter.
  3. Install O-ring onto the inlet adapter. Install inlet adapter into the injector body and tighten by hand, assuring that the valve body slides into its respective bore.
  4. Apply grease to the slide valve assembly. Insert the slide valve assembly through the top of the injector into the valve body packings, which should already be installed into the bottom of the injector body. Apply grease to the piston bore in the injector body. Drop in the spring and place the spacer inside the spring.
  5. Install the O-ring on the piston assembly. Apply grease to the piston, O-ring and indicator rod. Place the piston assembly into the piston bore of the injector body. Install O-ring on adjustment adapter. Install washer and packing into adjustment adapter. Apply grease to the O-ring on the adjustment adapter and the mating bore in the top of the injector body. Carefully slide the pre-assembled adjustment adapter over the indicator pin on the piston assembly, screw adjustment adapter into the injector body hand tight, then tighten with wrench. Re-install adjustment screw into adjustment adapter.


Name Part #
FL-11 Injector FL-11

When ordering, specify by name and part number, e.g. FL-11 Injector, Part #FL-11.


Bijur Delimon FL-11 Injector Service Part

Item Description Part #
1 Adjusting screw SCR14379B
2 Locknut NUT14380A
3 Adjustment adapter* BUS14381B
4-21 Injector repair kit: 14452
O-ring, Viton (4) ---
Washer (5) ---
Packing (6) ---
O-ring, Viton (7) ---
Plunger spring (9) ---
Slide valve assembly (11) ---
Spacer (12) ---
Packing, Hytrel (13) ---
O-ring, Viton (14) ---
Back-up ring, Teflon (15) ---
O-ring, Viton (16) ---
Valve body (17) ---
Retaining ring (21) ---
8 Piston assembly LB14384
10 Fitting assembly FIT13859A
12-17 Valve body assembly: 14453
Spacer (12) ---
Valve body (17) ---
18 Injector body BOD14395C
19 Inlet adapter* BUS14396B
20 Pin PIN14397A
* Torque to 165 ft·lb when serviced.