Bijur Delimon M2500G Series Progressive Divider Valves

Bijur Delimon M2500G


  • Tight toleranced ~ precision machined product.
  • Zinc-Nickel plated steel body ensures longer life in nasty environments.
    • 1000 hour salt spray proven.
    • 4 times harder finish than comparable zinc plate.
  • Standard Viton O-ring seals protect against high heat and synthetic lubricants.
  • Interchangeable with Graco® MSP Series dividers; (Trabon® & Lubriquip® brands*).
  • Integral or in-line solenoid valves available for zone control.
  • Easy assembly, maintenance and replacement without tube removal.
  • In-stock availability as individual segments or as 3 to 10 section manifolded assemblies.
  • Maximum operating pressure, 5800 psi (400 bar).
  • Maximum temperature; 350°F (163°C).
  • Standard SAE Grade oils to NLGI Grade 2 grease.

 Trabon® & Lubriquip® are registered trademarks of Graco® Incorporated.


Bijur Delimon’s M2500G Series of progressive divider valves are at the heart of many single line centralized lubrication systems. Modular construction makes the system easy to install, modify and maintain without tube disassembly. Valve operation can be monitored utilizing a single cycle indicator switch. Up to 20 bearings can be lubricated from a single manifold assembly and up to 20 manifold assemblies can be incorporated into a single system. Zone control components are available which facilitate building systems of any size or shape and dividers can be designed into individually controlled and monitored zones. This permits varied cycle times, rapid troubleshooting and ease of maintenance.


Bijur Delimon Industrial Applications


Inlet Port Discharge Ports Sections Part #**
1/4-18 NPSF 1/8-27 NPSF 3 M2500B3G
4 M2500B4G
5 M2500B5G
6 M2500B6G
7 M2500B7G
8 M2500B8G
9 M2500B9G
10 M2500B10G

* The complete assembly includes the inlet section, valve base sections, end sections, tie rods, nuts, and O-rings.
** Segment dischrage rates must be specified to determine complete assembly Part #.


Valve Size Discharge Valve Sections
Twin Outlet Single Outlet Twin Outlet Single Outlet
Standard With Cycle Pin Standard With Cycle Pin
05 .08cc (.005 cu. in.) .16cc (.0.10 cu. in) MCVA250105TG --- MCVA250105SG ---
10 .16cc (.010 cu. in.) .33cc (.020 cu. in.) MCVA250110TG --- MCVA250110SG ---
15 .25cc (.015 cu. in.) .49cc (.030 cu. in.) MCVA250115TG --- MCVA250115SG ---
20 .33cc (.020 cu. in.) .66cc (.040 cu. in.) MCVA250120TG MCVA250120TPG MCVA250120SG MCVA250120SPG
25 .41cc (.025 cu. in.) .82cc (.050 cu. in.) MCVA250125TG MCVA250125TPG MCVA250125SG MCVA250125SPG
30 .49cc (.030 cu. in.) .98cc (.060 cu. in.) MCVA250130TG MCVA250130TPG MCVA250130SG MCVA250130SPG
35 .57cc (.035 cu. in.) 1.15cc (.070 cu. in.) MCVA250135TG MCVA250135TPG MCVA250135SG MCVA250135SPG
40 .66cc (.040 cu. in.) 1.31cc (.080 cu. in.) MCVA250140TG MCVA250140TPG MCVA250140SG MCVA250140SPG



M2500G Series Valve Manifold Bases consist of an Inlet Section, Valve Base Sections (3-10 segments) and an End Section.

Bijur Delimon Valve Mainfold Bases