Lube USA Grease System Accessories

Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauges with reference pointer for visual mounting.

Accuracy ±3% F.S.
Temperature Range 15°C ~ 40°C
Material Burdon pipe C6872T (over 10MPa C5191T) Housing SPCC
Housing SPCC
Pressure Range 10-50MPa (Pressure range depends on the model)

Directions for use

  • Use care not to drop or exert other strong impact.
  • Do not apply pressure beyond specified range. 

Pneumatic Pump for Pail

Grease can be filled in pneumatically.

Discharge Volume 540mℓ/min
Discharge Pressure 34.3MPa
Working Air Pressure 0.4~0.7MPa
Air Consumption 315ℓ/min (ANA)
Grease Capacity 16kg
Pump Weight 6kg

Hand Grease Gun

Discharge Volume 1.2mℓ/stroke
Maximum Pressure 40MPa
Grease Capacity 400g
Weight 1.4kg

Grease Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums excess grease, driven by air. Compact portable model available. Reducs consumption of workshop rags.

Model GCP
Height 350mm
Width 160mm
Weight 1.8kg

Proximity Sensor for Series Progressive Valve

Electrically detects the movement of the indicator pin of progressive valve. Proximity sensor monitors the movement of the indicator pin and detects a system or valve failure.

  E2E-X2E1 E2F-X2E1 E2F-X2Y1
Power Voltage DC10~24V AC24~240V
Working Voltage Range DC10~40V DC10~30V AC20~264V
Output Form DC 3 leads NPN AC 2 leads
Detecting Distance 2mm±10%
Setting Distance 0~1.6mm
Detecting Object Iron 12x1mm
Protection Class IEC StandardsIP67 IEC Standards IP68

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