Lube USA LUBE Hybrid Lubricant

LHL 100 & LHL 300

High performance lubricant which incorporates all the advantages of both oil & grease, at the same time eliminating the disadvantages of both.

Next generation lubricant which contributes to protecting the environment:

  • Reducing lubricant consumption
  • Preventing the deterioration and decomposition of the cutting fluids drastically reducing hazardous waste disposal
  • Reducing the abrasion of machine parts

Hybrid Lubricant Incorporating the Advantages of Oil and Grease
Advantages of Oil: Liquidity excellent migration properties, Transport properties and No solidification
Advantages of Grease: High load carrying capacity, Wear resistance, Excellent oil film retention and Adhesion properties


Model LHL300-4S, LHL300-7
Color of Grease Yellow
Capacity 400mℓ, 700mℓ
Model LHL X100-2, LHL X100-4, LHL X100-7
Color of Grease Brown
Capacity 200mℓ, 400mℓ, 700mℓ

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