Solving the "Stick-Slip" Problem

Too much friction is a dangerous situation for industrial parts. Gradual wear and tear will eventually reveal itself in costly machine failure. Yet another problem with friction is known as the "stick-slip phenomenon." This is when two objects which should slide over each other momentarily stick, resulting in a violent jerking motion. When this happens to two parts of an industrial machine, it can result in inaccurate operation or even significant damage to the machine. Honing machines, lathes, chains, and hydraulic motors are especially susceptible to stick-slip.

In many cases, special lubrication oil is added, or dopant-enhanced hydraulic fluid is used to minimize the chance of stick-slip. However, these solutions demand constant maintenance and a regular increase in cost. 

Turcite, in contrast, is a self-lubricating material with very low friction. Using durable Turcite for applicable machine parts is a great way to eliminate stick-slip entirely. The Machine Tool Specialty Components Group offers authentic Turcite from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. We also offer our SlydriteSM application process and product line, which ensures that the Turcite is used for maximum benefits. Contact us and we'll be glad to quote your Turcite application needs.

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