Waylock® Adhesive

The epoxy adhesive Waylock is not a 3M product. Waylock adhesive is made by Trelleborg with a proprietary formula and tested to be used with linear bearing material. We sell it in two forms: Waylock II which is specifically formulated for bonding Turcite B® to metal surfaces and Waylock EZ which is the same as Waylock II but in an easy-to-use cartridge system designed for use with our applicator guns. It has been tested extensively with Turcite B, but will also work with other competitors' bearing materials such as Rulon 142. Its special formula provides the proper bond strength when applied as directed and can withstand common lube oils and machine coolants. Waylock adhesive is a high quality epoxy and can be used in other applications, i.e. we use it for some machine anchoring systems as well as way plugs on occasion.

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