Why Choose Turcite?

As an authorized U.S. distributor of Turcite, as well as many related products, we believe it is the best material for many industrial applications. Why should you choose Turcite? A number of different attributes make Turcite an appealing material. 

Turcite is chemically inert to most industrial solvents. In situations with volatile chemicals, it is far more likely to remain stable than other materials. It is also self-lubricating, which makes it an ideal material for machine parts that must withstand continual friction or very high surface speeds. Turcite is also resistant to temperatures up to 180° F, which can easily warp other materials.

Low moisture absorption keeps it safe from the elements. It has a virtually infinite shelf life, and its dimensional stability ensures long-term use even under tough conditions.

Using our Turcite B® Slydway® system will lengthen the life of your parts and improve their efficiency. With no minimum order, our selection of Turcite products will cover Turcite needs of all sizes. Contact us at 1-888-887-2483 for more information on how our Turcite products can benefit you.

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