Lube USA Oil System Replacement Parts

Oil Fill Cap, Strainer, Suction Filter, Inlet Check Valve, Outlet Check Valve, Relief Valve

  Model Part Number Applicable Pump
Oil Fill Cap OC-4 529409 AMZ-III, AMZ100S, AMO-150S-III, AMO-II-150S, MMXL-III, MMX-II, AMR-II-150
OC-3 529432 MLZ, L5
OC-2 549005 EX, L20, ACM-II, AM, ADM
OC-1 549006 L3, L8
Strainer OS-1 521037 AMZ-III, AMZ100S, AMO-150S-III, AMO-II-150S, MMXL-III, MMX-II
Suction Filter SF-11 489011 AMZ-III, AMZ100S, AMO-150S-III, AMO-II-150S, AMR-III-150
SF-08 489008 AMI-300S, AMI-1000S, AMI-300, AMI-1000
SF-07 489007 MLZ
SF-10 489010 MMXL-III
SF-A 500324 AMS
SF-13 489013 MMX-II, L8
SF-12 489012 ACM-II
SF-01 489001 AM, ADM
SF-05 489005 L20, EX
SF-L3 540727 L3
SF-L5 540562 L5
SF-LK 540562 LK
Inlet Check Valve IC-2.5 529008 MMX-II (2.5mℓ)
IC-5.5 529009 MMX-II (5.5mℓ), L-8, L-20
IC-EX 539001 MLZ, LK
Outlet Check Valve OC-1 509001 MMX-II, EX, L-8, L-20
OC-2 549070 MLZ, LK
Relief Valve RB-0.8 509002 AM, ACM, ADM, AMS (0.8MPa)
RB-2.5 519002 AMI-100S, 200S, 300S, 1000S (2.5MPa)
RB-0.5 519003 AMI-300 (0.5MPa)

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