Lube USA Automatic Intermittent Piston Pump


Automatic intermittent pump incorporating an indication motor. Interval is controlled by the gear ratios so no external controllers or timers are needed. Widely used for machines in many different industries with years of proven sucess and reputation.

Pump Discharge Volume 1.5~2.5mℓ/stroke
Discharge Pressure 0.4MPa
Motor (other voltages available) Power AC100V∅1/0.23A, AC200V∅3/0.11A (50Hz)
AC100V∅1/0.23A, AC200V∅3/0.10A (60Hz)
Output 5W Induction motor, E class
Oil Level Switch Loading 0.5A, AC DC200V/30W
Contact Type A contact (ON at low level)
Operation Rating Continuous
Working Viscosity Range 30~1300mm2/S
Reservoir Capacity 0.8ℓ, 3ℓ (plastic) 3ℓ, 4ℓ, 8ℓ (sheet metal)
Weight 3kg (1.8l plastic)
Others Rotary directions: Clockwise
A 2µF condenser for the 100V motor is integrated into the terminal box.

Directions for use

  • Do not remove the oil strainer to keep the pump clear of foreign matter.
  • Oil viscosity varies with oil temperature. Be sure to use oil within specified working viscosity range. Refer to the viscosity table.
  • Do not use any specal additive-contained oil, water soluble oil and solvent.
  • Periodically check the oil in the reservoir for impurities. Replace it, if necessary, with fresh oil immediately. Be sure to clean the reservoir before oil change.
  • Make sure that proper voltage is applied.
  • Do not overtighten the discharge joint. Refer to the tightening torque table.
  • Do not press the discharge volume adjusting knob down by force.
  • Adjust discharge volume only when the piston is fully relaxed (the knob is at the lowest position).
  • Make sure motor Rotary direction.

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