Lube USA Resin Reservoirs

0.2ℓ, 0.4ℓ, 0.8ℓ, 1.8ℓ, 3ℓ

Applicable Pump(s) Model Part Number Useful Capacity Total Capacity
L3 T-2LP 254104 0.2ℓ 0.22ℓ
EX-5 L5 T-4LP 254106 0.4ℓ 0.5ℓ
L8 MLZ T-8LP 254102 0.8ℓ 1.0ℓ
AMZ-III, AMZ100S, AMO, MMXL-III, MMX-II, EX, AMR-II-150, L20, AMS T-18LP 609005 1.8ℓ 2.0ℓ
AMZ100S, AMO, MMXL-III, MMX-II, AMR-III150 T-30LP 609006 3.0ℓ 4.0ℓ
T-30LP-LX 104657
T-30LP-RX 104658

Directions for use

  • Do not use solvents.
  • Clean at least once a year.
  • For details, see the instruction manual.

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