Lube USA Valves


AP & SP are mono style progressive metering blocks. They are a piston-type metering device which reliably dispenses lubricant to each point on the machine. Their mono style of fixed displacement, and the flexibility of combining outlets provides a large variety of metering possibilities. Monitoring can be done visually with a pin movement or electronically with a proximity sensor.

Discharge Volume 0.2mℓ/stroke
Discharge Port 6mm or 4mm tube
Grease Inlet Rc1/8
Max. Working Pressure 20MPa
Minimum Operating Pressure 2MPa
Working Consistency NLGI No. 000~2
Performance Monitor Indicator pin (K-type)
Material AP: Aluminum Die-cast
SP: Aluminum

Directions for use

  • Use recommended greases.
  • Never use molybdenum disulfide-contained grease.
  • Use lithium greases.
  • Do not use any greases containing substances that attack brass and rubber.
  • When refilling or replacing cartridge, always loosen the air bleed valve to purge the pump of air.
  • Use the pressure relief lever correctly.

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