Lower Turcite A and X rod prices

We have updated our Turcite A and X rod prices, and are passing great savings on to our customers! Check our price indicator (Rod Cost Calculator) and compare!


Wayprep® Now Available

Why Wayprep® Industrial Degreaser and Cleaner? Wayprep® is a superior way to preclean grease and grime from parts to properly apply Turcite. Wayprep® is also a "green" product that is environmentally safe to use, biodegradable, non flammable, and non-carcinogenic. There are all kinds of cleaners on the market, but as ...


Wayclean II Transitions to Wayprep

Wayclean II will soon be sold under a new name. The trademark Wayprep will be seen on the labels starting next month. The product is the same, just the trademark will change. Wayprep is an eco friendly concentrated aqueous cleaner that is great for the initial cleaning of your parts ...


Waylock II and Glass Beads

Several customers have asked about the glass beads in the Waylock II Adhesive. Well, there has not been glass beads in the Waylock II Adhesive for the better part of 10 years. The glass beads in the old formulation of Waylock were really used to create a 1 to 1 ...


Why Choose Turcite?

As an authorized U.S. distributor of Turcite, as well as many related products, we believe it is the best material for many industrial applications. Why should you choose Turcite? A number of different attributes make Turcite an appealing material. Turcite is chemically inert to most industrial solvents. In situations with ...


Solving the "Stick-Slip" Problem

Too much friction is a dangerous situation for industrial parts. Gradual wear and tear will eventually reveal itself in costly machine failure. Yet another problem with friction is known as the "stick-slip phenomenon." This is when two objects which should slide over each other momentarily stick, resulting in a violent ...